Groutless Shower Systems

Install a Stylish, Groutless Shower System That's Easy to Clean

Install a Stylish, Groutless Shower System That's Easy to Clean

A groutless shower system will modernize your bathroom in Madison & Evansville, WI OR ANYWHERE IN SOUTHERN WISCONSIN

While tile is a standard material for showers, it has its problems. Tile can chip and crack, and the grout between tiles can become infested with mold and mildew. You can avoid these issues by installing a groutless shower system. Daniel Company Bathrooms will build your shower in Madison & Evansville, WI and the surrounding areas in southern Wisconsin with panels of laminate or stone. This design doesn't use grout which makes it a low-maintenance shower-cleaning choice. Just wipe it down with vinegar and water.

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Get a shower you can depend on

Your shower is where you go to get yourself clean, so it ought to be the cleanest place in your home. A groutless shower is low maintenance. Your shower cleaning ritual won't require tedious scrubbing or the use of hazardous chemicals. Our showers are guaranteed to last for years, so you're covered if it does develop mold or mildew.

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